Upon meeting with some friends within a large, unfinished retail space I was asked to create an identity that would fuse 3 distinct brands from 3 distinct verticals. The first being a thriving barbershop with an impressive and expansive clientele, the other a wellness hub prioritizing in (p)rehab and community building and the last being a fashion curator and collector selling handpicked vintage clothing pieces and partaking in high-profile styling and personal shopping.    

They wanted something that spoke to them individually (and as a whole) while prioritizing the space to not come off so intimidating. They also wanted the identity to reflect the biz as playful, inclusive and fresh for their respective inustries (especially since this wasn’t a usual retail collaboration and partnership).

I wanted the identity to make sense and hold up. I wanted it to feel like a genuine thing and not a random pairing of brands that felt forced and unplanned. After much time on the r & d side, I continually found myself gravitating towards nostalgia. I realized that a space like this wasn’t so different than a marketplace. The only thing was that those type of gatherings could still feel intimidating.

It then dawned on me, through nostalgia again, that our recess breaks during our elementary days were no different - in theory. Recess was our first introduction to a type of marketplace. We learned to barter, compete and play, find our people and be social, meditate and reflect - ultimately better ourselves and grow outside of textbooks. And we would do so unapologetically and freely. It was a matter of taking that essence and connecting it to this new brand. Walking into Recess is all about that feeling of opportunity.  

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