My name is Juan Pablo Ariado and I am creative born in the Philippines, raised in Mississauga and residing in Toronto.

When it comes to looking for inspiration, I do believe in the power of our personal experiences and anecdotes. These details really are the driver for providing colour in our work. I do also consider myself a “wannabe” storyteller - always thinking about what the narrative truly is and how it impacts the audience we’re speaking to. Design is just one of the many conduits we can tell such stories.   

I am currently the Sr. Art Director (campaign, print + digital) for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Overall, I’m just a creative that tries to think of cool stuff, dabbles in some strategy + copywriting and likes to continually talk to people. 

Outside of work you can catch me riding my bike around, trying new places to eat, geeking out by binge watching something that usually leads to a YouTube fan theory video, playing Anomia/ Monopoly Deal/ Balderdash and maybe if I’m feeling loose (and nostalgic) hooping at the nearby park. 

Drop a line and say hi! Always down to chat!

Let's go Raptors!

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